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Jämtland Fishing proudly represents a portfolio of fly fishing’s in Jämtland & Hårjedalen. We work closely with local enthusiasts, sometimes, the best possible product range both for our Jämtland fisheries and for those traveling further afield.

More About Us

We are a bunch of guys that love the art of fly fishing, we spend most of our time on the waters in Jämtland - Hårjedalen - Dalarna.


Jämtland the source of fishing

Jämtland has large number of rivers-streams and lakes to choose from, on our site you can find most of the information Norrland Connect The fish species are Pike, Perch, Grayling, Char, Trout. We at Jämtlandfishing.com help you as a new comer to the area with information. The forum helps you with fast QA that you cannot find on the site.

We have plenty to offer in Jämtland, help the local economy by booking a cottage, purchasing equipment in local fishing stores, book a guide for the day. Both our sites are free to use, place your add on map.jamtlandfishing.com it's free all the time (no hidden cost), place a add to sell a product on the forum is for free. Join us today.

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Our Mission

Help the local economy by supporting small companies in the Jämtland area.

Our Values

That fishing remains sustianable for all in Jämtland.

Our Solution

Increase tourism in Fishing, be it flyfishing, spin fishing or ice fishing.


We Always Try to Make a Difference

Creating a vision for fishing in Jämtland & Härjedalen, see what we have to offer.

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