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Börtnans Fiskevärdområde

I spent a day with Marko in Bergs Kommun, we decided to try the Börtnans FVOF which is located about 45km from Åsarna. First we had to purchase the permit which can be done at the sport shop in Åsarna close the the gasoline station.

We then set our sights on trout and grayling.

I decided to try for trout using a white streamer with intermediate line on a #6 scott rod using a waterworks reel.

Marko landed a few grayling using a nymph.

I landed two trout of ok size using a white streamer after trying the olive and black.

I landed a good size Trout

You can visit Dröm FiskaiBerg for more information.

Marko has a cottage to rent close to Rätans FVOF 

Nästelströmmen Cottage (note it is in German only)

Marko's cottage is 1h45 from Östersund.

Grayling fishing in Långan

albertLångan is located in Jämtland Sweden, it is a short drive from Krokom. I have come accross many fishermen that say that Långan is not such an easy river to find the grayling. Grayling over a kilo is possible. Fly selection is the key, I have fished days that I have landed nothing and this depends on where the wind is coming from North West or South. The tempature of the water and air is an other key factor. Fishermen tend to go upstream but that is not always the right choose, I have landed very good sizes downstream from the bridge over 1.2 kilo and they are not easy to find, knowing the river pools are the key. Always start by looking at the water activity - insects - rises - water flow just to name a few.

Fly Selection

cf5This is a great fly during the months of June and July - A number of sizes in the box is needed #14 - #16 - #18 - #20

This fly can be tied by yourself or purchase online -

Three colors will do it Black - Brown - Breigh (as this image)

Casting upstream is the way to go. But look at the wind direction and speed is an other factor.

Grayling sit and wait next to the side of the river where grass is growing, in most cases it is a bit deeper where the water flows.





Supreme Court clears Jämtkraft on Långforsen


Supreme Court gives Jämtkraft right to renovate the power station and construction of a fauna passage in Långforsen, it is clear in the judgment that was made public on the afternoon of 23 March. - I'm very happy about today's announcement. The issue is properly investigated and we can finally get started with the renovation. Långforsen will be able to provide renewable electricity while making it possible for fish and fauna that wander freely, says Tommy Borgh, President of electricity.

united courts

Two of jurisdiction; Land and Environment Court and the Land and Environmental Court has previously examined the issue and given Jämtkraft right renovating hydroelectric power station and implement environmental measures. Both judgments have been appealed by the Legal, Swedish Anglers fishing conservation associations and Älvräddarnas Unions. - The Supreme Court has now made the same assessment as the previous two instances; that the measures Jämtkraft want to do in Långforsen meets the modern environmental requirements. We want to make Pitkäkoski powerhouse better, it should be able to contribute more renewable electricity while taking into account biodiversity - it's the future force, says Tommy Borgh. The Supreme Court has now considered is whether the former judges of the Land and Environment Court and the Land and Environmental Court based on a proper environmental impact assessment. - We believe that the environmental impact assessment should be based on existing conditions and basic conditions, that is intact dam and powerhouse. Our counterpart believes instead that the assessment should be based on how the environment looks today with existing dust damage, says Tommy Borgh. Collaboration with locals Jämtkraft is in the process had a dialogue with those who live and work in the community about plans for Långforsen. - Together with the locals, we want to work for a positive development of Långforsen that area, both for recreation and fishing. The measures we want to do in Långforsen is at the forefront of environmental initiatives, thus consistent with the aspirations of local residents expressed, says Tommy Borgh. Closest to begin work on the detailed design and procurement of resources.


Water Temperature 2016 warmer than normal

"Sorry," became in 2016 one of the three hottest years since measurements of water temperature in Vätterns surface water (about 5 m level) began in the 1950s. Since the former was 2014 and 2015 in a class of its calendar year in which the average temperature exceeded +10 degrees C compared to the reference period (1961-1990) just below 8 degrees C. According to climate projections are increased water a likely continued development why Vättern can be stuck on a new " steps "(red line in the figure below)? The rate of temperature increase is on more than 3 degrees per century. - It is above all the absence of the cold winter months that raises the calendar year average, Vättern is not cooled enough during the mild winters such as 50-60 years ago, says Måns Lindell Vätternvårdsförbundet. Vättern thus reflects the global temperature increase which in 2016 was globally the warmest year ever, continues Måns Lindell. It happens here at home. Increased water temperatures have been shown to be critical for example char's survival, a cold-water which research has shown may be adversely affected if climate change continues at the lake. At the climate impact of Vättern ecosystem are identified as one of the greatest environmental challenges.