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albertLångan is located in Jämtland Sweden, it is a short drive from Krokom. I have come accross many fishermen that say that Långan is not such an easy river to find the grayling. Grayling over a kilo is possible. Fly selection is the key, I have fished days that I have landed nothing and this depends on where the wind is coming from North West or South. The tempature of the water and air is an other key factor. Fishermen tend to go upstream but that is not always the right choose, I have landed very good sizes downstream from the bridge over 1.2 kilo and they are not easy to find, knowing the river pools are the key. Always start by looking at the water activity - insects - rises - water flow just to name a few.

Fly Selection

cf5This is a great fly during the months of June and July - A number of sizes in the box is needed #14 - #16 - #18 - #20

This fly can be tied by yourself or purchase online -

Three colors will do it Black - Brown - Breigh (as this image)

Casting upstream is the way to go. But look at the wind direction and speed is an other factor.

Grayling sit and wait next to the side of the river where grass is growing, in most cases it is a bit deeper where the water flows.