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Fredrik Johansson from Enkoping has landed a pike of 20 kilos. The new Swedish record weight is 21.07 kg. The dream of getting a really big pike runs anglers around the country to embark on pike hunting. But it is not easy to catch the largest pike

The former Swedish record pike was 19.34 kg. The fish was caught one day in April 1999 in Vättern, a lake known for its giant pike. Now, 17 years later, have a much larger pike caught in the same lake.

- Pike is our single most important sport fish and a symbol of the modern fishery. A pike over 20 kg has long been a dream. Now Fredrik Johansson proved that it is more than possible to catch such a fish, says Nodding Hellenberg, Angler storfiskregistrerare.

It was April 1, 2016 as Fredrik Johansson and Jimmie Johansson from Enkoping fished for pike in northern lake. The duo fish here every spring and has previously landed a number of large pike.