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Latest Update 16-5-2019

Looking at what might come for the summer, it has rained over the past few weeks so that is good, the air temp has been well below the norm.

  • Långan - The water levels has been on the high side which is normal for this time of the year, but the past few weeks it has dropped, I have not taken and temps, but with 15 remaining till open day, lets hope that the water drops a bit more and getting some rain and not have the same problem as last year with very hot weather, no rain.
  • Hårkan - Is the same as in Långan only the levels have been lower I think.


Politics in the Långforsen

Political half-content in the Långforsen Jämtkraft's largest owner, Östersund Municipality, wants to investigate the prerequisites for a sale of Långforsen power station to an economic association. Published 2017-04-05 "I am still positive about the possibilities of renovating the facility. At Langfors we have unique conditions for producing renewable electricity while meeting modern environmental requirements. But of course we have to deal with what the owners want, "says Anders Ericsson, CEO of Jämtkraft. In parallel with the process, Jämtkraft is going to review and update the basis and economic calculations around Långforsen. Anders Ericsson believes that Jämtkraft must have a serious counterpart to negotiate. "Those who might buy Långforsens power station must have the resources to be able to take responsibility for power stations and ponds, and it costs money. This has to be done commercially, says Anders Ericsson. Jämtkraft AB is owned by 98 percent of Östersund municipality. The municipality of Krokom and Åre each owns 1 percent.

©Jämtkraft AB

With thousands of old power stations in Sweden we still sit with the fact that big companies like Jämtkraft can and will force them selves on the political aspect of what is enviromental friendly powerstations.

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Edsforsen & Långan Water Levels


What out to Edsforsen and the water levels at that time was a bit high this was 18th April, Långan was a lot lower then normal for this time of the year, lets hope that the water levels increases over the next few weeks,