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Over Crowded

Over crowding in some of the rivers in Jämtland is extreme, lets look at Edsforsen for examples, I have been at that part of the river many times in the past, in most cases just looking as at that time one could count 10 anglers all fishing in a area that is quite small.

Should there restriction on the number of anglers at one time, would that help eco-system of Edsforsen, some say yes others no.


Buy Local Flies

Chris Nygren

My flies are the result out of nearly 45 years of experience out fly fishing around the world.

I have come a long way since the image above (and I have stopped with V- jeans and got a better fishing hats :-). 1974, Chris Nygren work in the traditional fishing shop Power Valls in Gothenburg where he really was able to learn all about the different fishing methods and get to know other like "fish crazy" people.

During adolescence, it was a lot of tournaments that occupied all the free time. Everything from Mete- to sea fishing competitions became with varying results. We were a bunch of sea fishing interested young people who formed the fishing club "Jet Set" in the early 80's and we were successful, with each gains on sea fishing Championships in 1990 where Chris was 2nd individually as well as first in the team competition.

We also won GHFK-Cuppen 5 consecutive years. Chris also won Vallgravsmetet in Gothenburg in 1977 and 1990. But it was fly-fishing as the biggest challenge for both of them. Chris moved to Jämtland to realize their dreams Norrländska big trout in Hotagen currents, the amazing Harrflugfisket in Edsforsen also attracted a lot, he has now been fly fishing guide there for a long time. Many very famous Swedish fly fishing profiles have often come to Chris to go fishing with him in Edsforsen, including the author Rolf Smedman. Chris has also guided for many years in Namsen salmon and captured over 100 salmon on the fly. Many of flugmönsterna on this website are designed by Chris and Jonas Sander, a good fiskevän many years. Nowadays guides Jonas after massher in Thailand's jungles and big game fishing in Malaysia.


Jämtland 2016

This past 2016 has been a exciting year, fishing has been great, in the latter part of the year the water levels had been low in some rivers. We have seen some rivers with good water levels all season. This coming season 2017 will be interesting hoping that we get plenty of snow during the winter.



Production capacity in hydropower dams in Jämtland

Reservoirs for hydropower have a unique condition for the establishment of fish farming operations since the regulation has meant that these reservoirs, as well as being naturally nutrient-poor, have also caused a reduction in the level of nutrients in the water. The reservoirs thereby have a greater space for nutrient loads compared with unaffected lakes. On the other hand, the difficulty in calculating the fish farming potential in these reservoirs consists in the fact that good documenting data is usually lacking, that the mass balance models for calculating the fish farming potential are not adapted to this type of lake, and that nor are the Environmental Protection Agency's assessment bases completely adapted to the large, nutrient-poor reservoirs that often also have big regulation amplitudes and are thereby deemed to be heavily modified water.