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Water Temperature 2016 warmer than normal

"Sorry," became in 2016 one of the three hottest years since measurements of water temperature in Vätterns surface water (about 5 m level) began in the 1950s. Since the former was 2014 and 2015 in a class of its calendar year in which the average temperature exceeded +10 degrees C compared to the reference period (1961-1990) just below 8 degrees C. According to climate projections are increased water a likely continued development why Vättern can be stuck on a new " steps "(red line in the figure below)? The rate of temperature increase is on more than 3 degrees per century. - It is above all the absence of the cold winter months that raises the calendar year average, Vättern is not cooled enough during the mild winters such as 50-60 years ago, says Måns Lindell Vätternvårdsförbundet. Vättern thus reflects the global temperature increase which in 2016 was globally the warmest year ever, continues Måns Lindell. It happens here at home. Increased water temperatures have been shown to be critical for example char's survival, a cold-water which research has shown may be adversely affected if climate change continues at the lake. At the climate impact of Vättern ecosystem are identified as one of the greatest environmental challenges.

Safety on the water

Over the years I have been fly fishing I have seen cases where people take chances by trying to cross a river, fish in area's where the river current is very strong. Always find out as much as you can about the area before trying something that you not sure of.

As in most outdoor sports, safety is an issue. Fly Fishing is no different. Whether you are fishing from a boat or wading, water flow is probably the most important piece of information you will need to make your fishing experience safe and more enjoyable.  There are several ways to find out how much water is being released from the dams. You can see a website (Swedish) and get latest levels water is being released at the time. In order to get future release information you can go to any one of several web sites to get release information for the day. My advice would be to call one of the local fly shops or accommodations that are located on the river and ask about water flows for the day so you can make an informed decision about where you can fish safely.  

When you have made your choice about where to fish, there are a few other safety guidelines you will need to follow. 

As a beginner you shouldn’t wade in more than knee deep water with a smooth gravel bottom. It’s not necessary to wade in waist deep water to catch fish. I have caught many very nice fish in water that no more than a 1/2 meter deep.  

When you enter the water apply the 1000.00kr bill rule. Just place the bill on a rock and look at the rock occasionally. If the bill is floating then you exit the water! That’s a tired old joke, but really, keep an eye on it!  Actually just pick out an object at the waters edge and keep an eye on it. If the object begins to disappear then exit the water.  Purchase a collapsible wading staff which comes with a scabbard that you attach to your wader belt.  These few safety tips are not meant to frighten you away from fly fishing, but simply to make you more comfortable and help you enjoy your fly fishing experience even more.

Low Water Levels 2017- What will it bring

With the Winter starting off very bad with very little snow high temperatures what will this bring to the water levels for 2017.

In 2016 we have a number of rivers with very low levels which started in August, Gimån was closed for a while due to low levels and high water temperatures.

Look out for levels on our facebook page during the seaon.



Record size Pike


Fredrik Johansson from Enkoping has landed a pike of 20 kilos. The new Swedish record weight is 21.07 kg. The dream of getting a really big pike runs anglers around the country to embark on pike hunting. But it is not easy to catch the largest pike

The former Swedish record pike was 19.34 kg. The fish was caught one day in April 1999 in Vättern, a lake known for its giant pike. Now, 17 years later, have a much larger pike caught in the same lake.

- Pike is our single most important sport fish and a symbol of the modern fishery. A pike over 20 kg has long been a dream. Now Fredrik Johansson proved that it is more than possible to catch such a fish, says Nodding Hellenberg, Angler storfiskregistrerare.

It was April 1, 2016 as Fredrik Johansson and Jimmie Johansson from Enkoping fished for pike in northern lake. The duo fish here every spring and has previously landed a number of large pike.