• Fuluålven

    Great day fishing
  • Grayling & Trout

    Grayling - easy wading
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  • Långsån

    Great day fishing
  • Grayling & Trout

    Grayling - easy wading
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Inside Fuluälven Waters

The river flows in northwestern Dalarna, in the Upper Fulusjön about 20 km South west of Idre on the edge of Fulufjället National Park. It flows south through the lakes among others Mellre Fulusjön, Syndre Fulusjön, total length about 80 km. Trout and Grayling. The area is quite compared to Foskros north of Idre.

If you're after incredible grayling, the region of Northern Dalarna ought to be your destination. The calmer waters of Fuluälven are rich in grayling as well as trout. This part of the Fuluälven river has easy wading.

This is quite river, you can check out My Facebook page for updates.
Local accommodation visit map.jamtlandfishing.com
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Interested? Want to fish Fuluälven?

This is a must for a keen fly fisher, permits can be purchased locally

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The Water

The river is located in Mörkret, Northern Dalarna. The river is great for wading, easy

The Fish

The best time to fish is during the day. Grayling and Trout, Easy accessible.

The Fly

Flies to use - www.chrisflugor.se to purchase or just visit his site for ideas.