• Ammerån

    Great night fishing
  • Large Grayling & Trout

    Large Grayling - easy wading
  • Easy wading in some stretches

    Night fishing for Grayling & Trout
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Inside Ammerån Waters

Ammerån has good fishing early in the season with imitations of green.

The lower part of Ammerån is big and powerful with a good chance of big grayling. The routes which are most interesting for fly fishing is on the 17 km long stretch downstream harness at Överammer.
The upper part (from Solberg water and downstream) containing a large number rapids. Språnghällan, Skyttmoforsen Höghällan. Big trout and large grayling. Through small forest roads, many of the rapids easily accessible.

Dry fly fishing begins in Ammerån around July 7 and then becomes only better until late autumn. Note. To dry fly fishing in Ammreån is very dependent on the water levels, you should have contact prior to arriving to check what the levels are like.

In Upper Ammeråns fishing area, 15 km long, is grayling fishing is best in Flyforsen, Impact Power and Divine power, while trout fishing is best in the 1.5 km Borg rapids.

Alternatively fishing in Öravattnet with fishing for trout, char and nice perch. Laxsjön is another option with good fishing on pike and whitefish. If dry fly fishing is not started when visiting the river so can Indalsälven week after midsummer onwards to offer a kanontorrflugefiske. Then it's also nice dry fly fishing for trout and char in the forest tarns.
At times there are plenty of anglers trying to catch the big one, you can check out  Jämtlandfishing Facebook Page page for updates.
Local accommodation visit Norrland Connect
If you would like more information go to our forum and we could assist you as much as we can.
Interested? Want to fish Ammerån?

This is a must for a keen fly fisher, permits can be purchased localy

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The Water

The river is a short stretch leading into Hårkan. The river is fast flowing and at times difficult to cross

The Fish

The best time to fish is at night for large Grayling and Brown Trout, day fishing is possible.

The Fly

Flies to use in Edsforsen - www.chrisflugor.se to purchase or just visit his site for ideas.