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Inside Kvistleströmmen Waters

The river is located close to Mattmar, this is a day & night river holds good size brown trout and grayling, we normally start fishing at 6am in the summer and last season we would start a bit earlier at 4am. Having not fished Kvistlestömmen often. What I do understand its a great spot to fish, good size grayling and trout.
The water flow strength is strong in some stretches you would need a good wading pole for most of the area stretches.
There are at times hatches but when it starts it lasts for about an hour, after a shower or just before sunset.
There is number areas where one can pitch a tent and have a rest, which is located at a number of points.
At times there are plenty of anglers trying to catch the big one, you can check out  My Facebook page for updates.
Local accommodation visit  Norrland Connect
If you would like more information go to our forum and we could assist you as much as we can.
Interested? Want to fish Kvistleströmmen?

This is a must for a keen fly fisher, permits can be purchased localy

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