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Read the Allemansratten (Right to Public Access)


The right of public access is a fantastic opportunity for all of us to roam freely in nature.


You make use of the right of public access when you go for a walk in the forest, paddle a kayak, go climbing or just sit on a rock and think. Usually it is completely natural for us. In order for everyone to enjoy nature, we need to take care of nature and wildlife and show consideration for landowners and others who are outdoors. We can sum this up with the phrase ”Don’t disturb – don’t destroy” Hike, bike, ride... We have a wonderful opportunity to experience nature and pursue many different activities. Swedes are extremely interested in outdoor life and nature. So that everyone can enjoy nature, it is good to keep some things in mind: • Remember that crops, replanted forest or other vulnerable land should not be damaged.

Picking flowers, berries, mushrooms, twigs... You are free to pick flowers, berries, mush- rooms, twigs and branches from the ground. To avoid damaging nature, it is good to keep some things in mind:

• Remember that certain plants are pro- tected by law and they may not be picked. The county board can provide information on protected plants. Orchids are protected throughout the country.

• Do not take twigs, branches, birch-bark and other bark from growing trees. They can be damaged

Dogs Obviously dogs may accompany you in nature. March 1 to August 20 is a sensitive period for wildlife, and dogs are not allowed to run loose then. During other times of the year, you also must have your dog under sufficient control so that it does not disturb or damage wildlife and other people. In some parts of the country dog leash laws are in effect.

Organised outdoor life Adventure tourism and other organised outdoor life have tremendous opportunities to make use of the right of public access for activities. The right of public access can be used commercially and by many users simultaneously. Those who organise activi- ties on another’s land bear a great deal of responsibility.

The very best way to proceed is for the organiser to make contact with the landow- ner, municipality and county board before the activities begin.

• Obtain the necessary proficiency

• Choose a suitable location

• Implement measures for security and prudence

• Inform participants about the right of public access



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The Water

The river is a great for gray and trout. The river is slow flowing and fast in places

The Fish

The best time to fish is day time for large Grayling, night fishing is possible.

The Fly

Flies to use in Långan - www.chrisflugor.se to purchase or just visit his site for ideas.